So Many Ideas, So Little Time

World Smile Day® can be celebrated by a single individual without any attention or fanfare by simply doing an act of kindness and helping one person smile! That's very powerful.  But imagine involving your friends, family, students, office mates, or others in an organized activity on World Smile Day®?  The possibilities are endless but sometimes a suggest helps start the ball rolling.

Listed below are just a few of the many activities one might consider for World Smile Day®. Let us know what you do on WSD by posting a comment or a facebook message.  Better yet, post a picture on Facebook and tag worldsmileday to share with the world on our Fb timeline.

  • - World's largest human Smiley face
  • - Ballon releases bearing WSD messages
  • - Choral performances
  • - a Hot Air ballon event
  • - sidewalk chalk activities
  • - college acapella concerts
  • - recognizing student WSD Ambassadors
  • - Circus performers and and elephants
  • - Pie eating contest
  • - Where's Smiley contest
  • - selfies with smiley masks
  • - visiting nursing homes
  • - hospital events
  • - good deeds
  • - meals for homeless
  • - sending smile cards/ecards
  • - delivering smile certificates
  • - in schools recognize those who do good deeds
  • - smiley/WSD themed coloring un-competitions
  • - smiley flash mob